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Satine Offers Long Legs And Big Tits

  • Age: 25
  • Measurements: D-Cup
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Weight: 112 lbs

Satine is the all American girl, reimagined. She has the classical USC cheerleader look, with her blonde hair and amazing body, she's the West coast girl every man wants to be with. However, she takes it to the next level with perfect skin, long, flowing hair and killer booty and boobs that would make any grown man give up red meat just to have a glimpse of her naked. Thankfully for them though, this is not necessary as she would never do anything so cruel as to make her men give up red meat. After all, who would she eat her steak with when out on a date?

Of all the South Beach escorts, Satine is one of the beauties men fight over to have. When she was working as one of the best strippers in Miami, she use to have guys all the time argue and fight over who could have the next dance. For the benefit of all men looking for quality women in Southern Florida though, she decided to become one of the beautiful Miami Beach escorts instead. Now, she spends her evenings with one guy at a time and one guy only. She's a one guy kind of gal and she loves to spend her time with her men. As the All American girl 2.0, she likes to do anything from catching a baseball game go out for a night of dancing. After all, what man wouldn't want to show her off when out with her? She, there are the guys who book South Beach escorts just to have a bit of fun back at the hotel room, but all of that is still possible after having a blast around town. She's up for it all and, chances are, she's done it all before as well, but she's always up for surprises, if her man can find something new to her. Of course, he's going to have to be alright with other guys checking her out everywhere they go. She has the head turning appeal few women have in Miami. Miami is full of so many beautiful women that people become numb to it, so it takes a truly gorgeous individual to grab the attention of both locals and visitors. Although, that is the point of booking escorts in Miami. It is about having fun and yet also being noticed as well. Because everyone loves to show off, and that is exactly what Satine allows her men to do: show her off and have fun right along side her.

There are few South Beach escorts who can match Satine's perfect package. There is no downside to what she brings to the table. She's just a fun girl who loves to have a good time and do everything from lounge in the pool to sip cocktails on the beach somewhere. It is all up to the guy and what he wants to do. She'll just make sure it is fun and memorable, whatever it is and whatever they decided to do. So, for anyone interested in truly beautiful escorts in Miami, Satine is the perfect, All American blonde who can offer it.

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