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Zelda Is Ready To Rock Your Night Away

  • Age: 22
  • Measurements: DD-Cup
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Height: 5ft 2in
  • Weight: 107lbs

While Zelda's bust measurements might be closer to Lara Croft than to Zelda's lost love, this Miami escort babe is the perfect play thing. She is able to put the asses in the seats and bring the cocks to full attention as soon as eh walks into the room. She has the appearance and the rack to do it all. She has the look that causes both men and women's jaws to drop to the floor and to stutter repeatedly as they try to regain their train of thought. She's the women in the room every man wishes he could be with and the women in the room every other women wishes she could be. Zelda is a rare bread, yet she is also one of the top Miami Beach escorts and is ready to prove the hottest women in the world really do call South Beach home.

She knows the South Beach island, downtown Miami and the surrounding areas well. If someone wants to just have a low-key evening with the beauty and grab something fun to eat, she's always down for hitting up Little Havana and picking up some hot and spicy Cuban food. For others who would rather get the party started quickly, this call girl is able to take her man by the hand and lead him to the best bars and clubs on the beach. It doesn't matter if someone wants a martini on a rooftop bar or whether they are looking for a more tropical beverage while dipping their feet in the sand. Whatever kind of beverage they are using to quench their thirst and to get the party going, she is able to take it to the next step at any time and in any way. Of all the South Beach escorts, she has the body to flaunt, and with so many scantily clad women on the beach, being able to get the attention out of all of the women is rather impressive.

With different escorts in Miami, Zelda is able to come to any hotel. Whether someone is right in South Beach or they are in downtown Miami, Zelda can meet up. She loves the little martini bar inside of the Mandarin Oriental that serves more martinis than any other spot in the city. She's also up for the smaller, more quant hotels that boast of the classical 50s Miami theme. She wants to be the Miami vice of any visitor looking for a good time, which is why she wants to do whatever it takes to please her man.

Miami doesn't just have one of the best night scenes on the East Coast but of the entire country. Parties in Miami are different from what someone might find in Las Angeles. There are more beautiful women with seductive curves and incredible beach bodies. It is the heat that cuts the clothing amount. That's exactly why Zelda expects to be completely naked by the time the night comes to a close. She is going to be far too hot and humid to keep her clothes on. She just hopes her man of the evening is willing to join her.

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