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Who Doesn't Like Jewels With Their Blonde Hair

  • Age: 27
  • Measurements: B-Cup
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Weight: 113 lbs

Who doesn't like their blonde hair to come with jewels? The blonde hair already commands attention, the jewels only increase the sparkle. That is why Jewels has remained one of the favorite South Beach escorts in the entire city. Whether someone is visiting Downtown Miami for business or they are heading out to the island in order to enjoy the beach itself, Jewels is right there, ready to shine like the brilliant stars over the ocean on a cloudless night sky. But unlike all of the stars in the sky, she really is one in a million. For guys who are looking for a fantastic personality, she's the escort for them. For guys who want the blonde haired beauty they have been dreaming about, she's the escort for them. For guys who are looking for an outgoing, fun filled individual who is sure to show them a good time, she's the escort for them. Really, it doesn't matter what someone is looking for or what they are hoping to find, Jewels has it all covered.

Jewels has the four C's of a diamond covered. Her color is flawless. She doesn't have any specks, large beauty marks or any sort of blemishes that might take away from her stunning beauty. She is all looks, which helps her become all play. There are few other women out there who are able to obtain this kind of beautiful skin color, and most women are always looking for what she has to offer. Clarity is something few Miami Beach escorts are able to have. They might be there in person, but their head might seem to be somewhere else. The entire purpose of having such a beautiful women around is not just to have delicious arm candy to snack on. No, it is to also have an excellent conversation as well and to be able to discuss other issues that might come up. Just having a general conversation can be especially attractive and arousing, yet it takes the mental clarity to hold this kind of a conversation. Jewels has this.

Who doesn't love a well cut female. Her curves are cut in to draw a man's attention. She works it at the gym so she can show it when she's out and about. It is all about putting in the work, and Jewels knows in order to show off her own jewels, it is necessary to hit up the gym and to work on those cuts. Strippers in Miami and escorts in Miami don't have the kind of figure she has, and most just try to fake it with plastic and injections. Jewels doesn't follow the artificial diamond look. Tiffany's doesn't sell artificial diamonds, and Jewels is sure not going to showcase anything fake either.

Carat is all about size. Don't want anything too gaudy and yet don't want something that requires a microscope to see. With her b-cup breasts, it is the perfect carat size. It is large enough to have fun with and to fit in someone's hand, yet small enough to not just get in the way and cause other problems. Jewels is one of the best Miami Beach escorts and her four C's prove it.

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